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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ghetts - Calm Before The Storm (Artwork + Tracklist)

Ghetts is droppin a new album very soon, and by the looks of the track list its gonna be FIRE!
  1. Intro (Produced by ZDot)
  2. Artillery (Produced by ZDot)
  3. Back From The Mountain (Produced by Kib D)
  4. My Sperm (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  5. Does In It Now (Produced by Silvano)
  6. Grime Daily (Produced by ZDot)
  7. We’re Moving Along (Ft. Maxsta) (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  8. Feel And Caress (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  9. Still Singing (Ft. Mercston) (Produced by Rude Kid)
  10. The Greatest (Ft. Shola Ama) (Produced by Bless Beats)
  11. Trendsetter (Ft. Sharky Major & Diesle) (Produced by Mega)
  12. Skadoosh (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman & Maxsta) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  13. Job For You (Ft. Youngsta & Brutal) (Produced by Kib D)
  14. By Shy (Ft. Sons Of Soul) (Produced by Bless Beats)
  15. We Control This (Ft. Devlin & Griminal) (Produced by ZDot)
  16. Brainless (Ft. Fix Dot’M & Wallice) (Produced by Merlin)
  17. Trained To Kill (Ft. Dot Rotten) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  18. Salute Me (Ft. Badness) (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  19. Body Language (Ft. Fix Dot’M & Buck) (Produced by Lewi White)

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