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Friday, 2 July 2010

Max B - Last 4 Wavy Mixtapes + Instrumental Bonus CD

Earlier I gave you 5 of max b's earlier mixtapes. Here's 4 of max b's latest mixtapes plus a bonus instrumental cd. Enjoy!

Download Link:

 Download Link:

 Download Link:

Download Link:

(Bonus)Download Link:

D double E - Street Fighter Riddim (Artwork + Release Date)

One of the tracks from in my opinion the grime artist of the year finally gets a release date, July 26th!

The Dream - Love King Album Trailer

I had to post this cause of how many THICK women are in this video. Watch and enjoy!

Max B - The First 5 Wavy Mixtapes

If you dont know you better get to know! Here's the guy that brought the word WAVY to the world max b aka biggaveli. He's currently serving 75 years for a number of charges but his appeal is looking good. Im bringing you his first 5 big mixtapes (Excluding mdb radio) for you to enjoy this sunny friday afternoon. Later i'll post 5 of the latest mixtapes so look out for them!

Download Link:

Download Link:

Download Link:

Download Link:

Download Link:

The Official Trey Songz Mixtape 2010 (Download)

Couple girls told me earlier on facebook dat i dont put enough music for the ladies on my site. I said ok den let me see wat i can do about dat. Here's trey songz latest mixtape with over 60 new and old tunes on it.

1. Intro
2. Invented Sex
3. I Wanna Rock
4. Say Ahh
5. Say Ahh (Rob E Rob Mix)
6. Paper Planes
7. Hard
8. So Fly
9. Just Wanna Cut
10. Can't Stop Missing You(Mix)
11. Can't Stop Missing You
12. Do You Think About Me (Interlude)
13. Girl All Around The World
14. Sun Rise
15. Does He Do It
16. I Need A Girl (Rob E Rob Mix)
17. Neyo Interlude
18. Successful
19. Buy You A Drink
20. Ride
21. Day & Night
22. This One For You Girl
23. Lemonade
24. Hood Love
25. What Ever You Like
26. Freaky Deaky
27. If It Ain't About Money
28. Thriller
29. Off Into The Sunset
30. Brand New
31. Girl Tonight
32. Gotta Make It
33. Gotta Go
34. Ooo
35. Cheat On You
36. First Date Sex
37. Sex For Your Stereo
38. Give A Lil Love
39. Beat It Up
40. Bed
41. Thug It
42. Hood Love feat. Mary J Blige
43. Neighbors Know My Name
44. Like A Boy
45. Fades Away
46. No Make Up
47. She Ain't My Girl
48. U Can Get
49. Lol
50. Supplier
51. Murder She Wrote
52. 50 50 Love
53. Can't Help But Wait
54. Thats My Word
55. Give Ya
56. Gets Down
57. Girl Gotta Girl Friend
58. Bed Bath Beyond
59. Hustla
60. Summer Wit Miami
61. Massive Attack (Interude)
62. Love Safari
63. Comin For You
64. Window
65. Jupiter Love
66. Trapped In The Closet
67. One Love

68. Outro

Download Link:

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lauren Hill Iz Back!

Lauren Hill is back and is said to be makin a new album. This is her first performance in over 8 YEARS! She raps and sings over drake's say something and to be honest she sounds pretty good. Minus the hair but.....boi!

Mavado - When You Feel Lonely 2010 (Radio Rip)

New mavado track taken from a jamaican radio station earlier today.

Download Link: download

2 New Ghetts Tunes 2010 (Radio Rips)

Everyone know ghetts has been workin ard, with the clash he had with p money dying out now and a new album dats about to drop anyday now. here's 2 new trackz dat got recoreded from logan sama radio show. 1 off the album and the other is a feature.

Ghetts - Grime Daily:

Ny Ft Ghetts & Wretch 32 - Bonnie And Clyde

HO Kat Stacks Iz Back Still Talkin Shit After That Azz Whoopin!

Couple days back I posted a video of this ho kat stacks gettin dragged and slapped up for running her mouth about sleepin with all the big names in the industry and puttin der numbers out. In dis video she claims that they forced her say sorry and she still on da same shit. Another beat down looks to be comin very soon! Check the videos section for the last video

The Future Of Rnb 33 Mixtape (Download)

New Rnb mixtape from tapemasters inc with all the up-to-date Rnb tunes on it. Look out for big names like trey songz, keri hilson, usher, neyo and many more.

01. Tapemastersinc & Dondria - Intro
02. Keri Hilson Feat. Timbaland – Hold Your Breath [Exclusive]
03. Trey Songz Feat. Amerie – Let's Chill [Exclusive]
04. Richgirl Feat. Fabolous & Rick Ross – Swagga Right (Remix) [Exclusive]
05. R. Kelly Feat. K. Michelle – Echo (Remix)
06. Jeremih Feat. Ludacris – I Like [New Single]
07. Trey Songz – Flatline [New]
08. Usher – Stranger [Unreleased]
09. Estelle Feat. John Legend & Nas – Fall In Love (Remix)
10. Jagged Edge Feat. Rick Ross – Lipstick [New]
11. Sterling Simms – Love You [Hot]
12. Ne-Yo – Champagne Life [New Single]
13. Miguel Feat. Lloyd Banks & J. Cole – All I Want Is You (Remix)
14. Brutha Feat. Jadakiss – Can't Get Enough (Sexaholic)
15. Amerie – Who's Gonna Love U [New]
16. Dondria - Interlude
17. Dondria – You're The One
18. Alicia Keys Feat. Drake – Un-Thinkable (Remix)
19. Jagged Edge – Lay You Down [New Single]
20. Chris Brown – No Bullshit [Hot]
21. Mary J. Blige – I Need You [Unreleased]
22. Johnta Austin – Close Your Eyes [New Single]
23. Fantasia – Bittersweet [New Single]
24. R. Kelly – When A Woman Loves [Unreleased]
25. Dondria – Outro

Download Link:

G Money, Big H, 2G & Paper Pabs - Mobstarz to Bloodline

More heat from mobstarz dis time der with bloodline so you dun know its a crazy tune

Download Link:

2G, G Money, Money Montana and Lopes - Category A

Another track off the category A mixtape. Look out for dese man seriously der on dis ting mixtape comin soon!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Real Rick Ross Is Suing The Rapper Rick Ross For 10 Million Dollars

Jus watch the video and you be the judge.

Vybz Kartel June Package 2010

People can stop askin me for kartel now cause here's most of he's singles he made in june!

Download Link: download

Charlie Clips - Scooby Snackz Mixtape 2010 (Download)

If you dont know about charlie clips go on youtube and type in charlie clips vs tay rock. And then download this mixtape cause i know you will!

Track List:
01. The Intro
02. Exhibit Clips
03. Slow Down (Ha Ha)
04. Gun Muzik Feat. JR Writer
05. Stop It 5
06. Battle Rapper 101
07. Light Work
08. Hybrid Flow
09. Ya Killing Me Feat. Esso, Rain & Kid
10. Loco Feat. Dna, Cortez & Dread Holla
11. Get It In Harlem
12. In My Hood Feat. Head Ice & Amen
13. Ice Cream Feat. Hitchcock & Hbk
14. Maybach Muzik 2 Feat. Big Ooh
15. Fear Feat. Drake
16. Family Ties Feat. Goodz
17. Dont Want It With Us Feat. Arliss Mi
18. Big Brotha
19. Dreams
20. Unthinkable Feat. Alicia Keys
21. Dear Harlem
Download Link: Download

Dj Hardbody - B.O.M.B Mixtape (Download)

New dj hardbody mixtape with a lot of hard trackz on it. look out for man like giggs, m dot e, blade brown, propane plus many more. Instant download for the trappers!

10.H20 – LIFE OV A G

Download Link: Download

Milott Ft Styles P - Taking Rap Back

New hard shit from milott and styles p da ghost off dj op new upcoming mixtape.

Download Link: Download

Gucci Mane - Mr Zone 6 (MIxtape)

Here's Gucci Mane's latest mixtape since he got out of jail called mr zone. Its a dj drama ting so you now its gangsta grillz. If your like american durrty south trap musik download dis now. Its got nuff bangers on it like normal, rooftop and makin love to the money.

01. What Did You Expect
02. Its Goin Up Feat. Bun B & Yo Gotti
03. Normal
04. Georgia's Most Wanted
05. You Know What It Is Feat. Waka Flocka
06. Mr. Zone 6
07. Rooftop
08. Koolin
09. Cowards And Soldiers
10. Dats My Life
11. Eastside Wassup
12. Stove Music Feat. Waka Flocka & Yo Gotti
13. Makin Love To The Money
14. Birthday Bash 15
15. Socialite
16. Long Money

Download Link: Download

Lloyd Banks - Blue Room (Mixtape)

Llloyd Banks new mixtape blue room.

1. Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Remix) (feat. Jadakiss, Ludacris, Yo Gotti & The Dream)
2. Standing On Couches (With DJ Self, Jim Jones & Lil Kim)
3. Always Made It
4. Over
5. All I Want Is You (Remix) (With Miguel & J.Cole)
6. Unthinkable (Remix) (With A. Keys)
7. Got Em Like
8. Freestyle (Funkmaster Flex)
9. Freestyle (Power 99)
10. Men Of Respect (With DJ Kay Slay, Tony Yayo, Papoose, Jim Jones & Rell)
11. No Escape (feat. Tony Yayo)
12. Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (feat. Juelz Santana)
13. Power Pack
14. I Wanna Rock
15. Microphone
16. Bully
17. You Should Be Dead – 50 Cent [Bonus Track]
18. Pass The Patron – Tony Yayo & 50 Cent [Bonus Track]

Download Link: Download

Blade Brown Bags & Boxes (Mixtape)

For the niggaz dat didnt have this at the start of 2010 you need dis in your car or stereo trussss me.

Download Link: Download

marvel vs capcom 3

Here's a look at the new marvel vs capcom 3 game. Its lookin crazy eveyone who knows me knows im bad a street fighter. So you better get the x box live ready niggaz!


HO Kat Stacks Finally Gets What She Deserves!

For those that don't know wha gwan here's da low down real quick. This ho kat stacks has claimed to have fucked everybody in the hip hop industry including ALL of young money, fabolous, bow wow, chopper, nelly jus to name a few. Even doe she did fuck alot of dese guys she keeps puttin all der number on blast on da net and airin out everything they did. This video shows wat happens when u SNITCH!

3 Arab Musik Instrumentals (Camron's Producer)

Its my boy g.dots birthday today and he asked me to go instrumental mad so i will. Here's 3 BANGERS off arab musik instrumental cd. Shout out to my fam general ave, creepz and y.nimz. U can listen to the track once you hit the download link

Download Links:
 Curve Produced By Arab Musik:

 Horror Story Produced By Arab Musik:

 Top 5 Dead Or Alive Produced By Arab Musik:

Eminem Recovery Album Sales!

Eminem lands his sixth straight No. 1 album; selling 741,000 copies in the first week of Recovery’s release. Em’s album also had the second-biggest digital week in history (255k);

 Recovery Album OUT NOW! Dont ask me to post it up ca man aint gettin locked off for nobody u feel me!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Skrillz Ft Blade Brown & Pups - Doin Music Now Pt1

Dis track is hard still and all three rappers go in. specially my darg pops who i made a tune with couple years back. Dis is SR's finest and 1 ov south's finest!

Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim Girl Fight (MIXTAPE)

Ok let me clear suttin up lil kim is OLD and CRUSTY and has somehow turned into a hater. Nicki minaj on da other hand is up and coming and her lyrics are bad trust. Basically this mixtape is like these 2 bitches are having a fight track for track so download it.

Nicki Minaj
1. Girlfight Intro
2. Drake Speaks On Lil Kim Hating
3. Letting Go
4. Up All Nite
5. Hold Yuh
6. Your Love
7. Knockout
8. Hello
9. Woo Hoo
10. She Likes Me
Lil Kim
11. Lil Kim Speaks On Nicki Minaj Sneak Dissing
12. No Time
13. Queenbitch
14. Drugs
15. Crush
16. Get Money
17. Benjamins
18. Not Tonite
19. Big Momma
20. Float On
21. Can Love You
22. No Matter
23. How Many Licks
24. Notorious
25. Quiet Storm
26. Get In Touch
27. The Jumpoff
28. Magic Stick
29. Lighters Up
30. Whoa
31. Freaky Girl
32. Let It Go
33. Warning

Download Link: Download

Cassidy - Face 2 Face

Brand new track from cassidy off his new album C.A.S.H

Shout out to splizzy!

4 Loco Instrumentals (Young Tef's Producer)

Earlier i posted 4 carns instrumentals off the carns hill cd. Here's 4 of loco's beats another producer for young teflon. So sit back light suttin up and start freestylin!

Ba Ba Baaa  Produced By Loco -

Ever You Or Me  Produced By Loco -

Gun Handle  Produced By Loco -

Hells Gates Produced By Loco -

Guy Breaks Bones On A Trampoline


Meek Mills - Rose Red (Official Video)

New meek millz video called rose red. He got a serious fast flow on dis one niggaz need to step their game up.

Ghetts - Calm Before The Storm (Artwork + Tracklist)

Ghetts is droppin a new album very soon, and by the looks of the track list its gonna be FIRE!
  1. Intro (Produced by ZDot)
  2. Artillery (Produced by ZDot)
  3. Back From The Mountain (Produced by Kib D)
  4. My Sperm (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  5. Does In It Now (Produced by Silvano)
  6. Grime Daily (Produced by ZDot)
  7. We’re Moving Along (Ft. Maxsta) (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  8. Feel And Caress (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  9. Still Singing (Ft. Mercston) (Produced by Rude Kid)
  10. The Greatest (Ft. Shola Ama) (Produced by Bless Beats)
  11. Trendsetter (Ft. Sharky Major & Diesle) (Produced by Mega)
  12. Skadoosh (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman & Maxsta) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  13. Job For You (Ft. Youngsta & Brutal) (Produced by Kib D)
  14. By Shy (Ft. Sons Of Soul) (Produced by Bless Beats)
  15. We Control This (Ft. Devlin & Griminal) (Produced by ZDot)
  16. Brainless (Ft. Fix Dot’M & Wallice) (Produced by Merlin)
  17. Trained To Kill (Ft. Dot Rotten) (Produced by Nocturnal)
  18. Salute Me (Ft. Badness) (Produced by Teddy fka Silencer)
  19. Body Language (Ft. Fix Dot’M & Buck) (Produced by Lewi White)

Money Montana Ft Lopes - Pure Dope

New hard shit from Mobstar members Money Montana & Lopes. Look out for dese man there from wood green and a new mixtape is on the way.

Category A Mixatpe Comin Soon!

French Montana & Max B – Official Best Of Coke Wave

French Montana Max B – Official Best Of Coke Wave Mixtape by DJ Diggz DJ Lust.

1. French Montana – Over (remix)
2. French Montana ft. Jay-Z – Maybach Music (remix)
3. Max B. – Fuck You
4. Wacka Flocka ft. French Montana – Hard In The Paint (remix)
5. Max B. – I Ain’t Ready To Go
6. Jag Just ft. French Montana – Lock & Load
7. French Montana ft. Bun B – Bad Habits
8. Max B. & French Montana – No No No
9. French Montana ft. Gun Play – Dirty Money
10. Max B. & French Montana – Stick Up Boyz
11. Max B. & French Montana ft. Beanie Sigel – Goon Music
12. French Montana & Max B. – Born & Raised
13. French Montana – Go Hard
14. Max B. ft. Mack Mustard – Dead Solver
15. French Montana ft. Max B., Gorilla Zoe, Cassidy – Straight Cash
16. Max B. & French Montana – Still Movin
17. Max B. – G’d Up (remix)
18. French Montana & Max B ft. Maino – God Damn
19. Max B. & French Montana ft. Hollywood Fergie – CT Bitches
20. .38 ft. Saint Sanatra & 360-Choke Slam A Bitch (prod. by .38)
21. French Montana ft . Skyy High – Dat Come Back
22. Max B. & French Montana ft. Beanie Sigel – What You Want From Me
23. Max B. – Cake
24. French Montana – My Henny & My 44
25. French Montana ft. Nipsey Hussle – Eastside Westside

French Montana Ft Dame Grease - If It Aint Money

If you were wondering what is up with Wave Gang 5, wonder no more. It’s in the hands of DJ Delz and being finalized as we speak. In the mean time, enjoy this no dj track. Ooooww!

French Montana Ft Dame Grease - If It Aint Money  Download

SX The Wooo Riddim Mixtape (Download)

U must know bout woo riddim by now all the best grime artist have jumped on this beat to make it a BIG track.
Here's the best of the best including D double E, Footsie, P money, Jammer, Skepta and loads more.

4 Carns Instrumentals (Young Tef's Producer)

Everybody should know about young tef by now, but if u dont ur lost bruv and you probably dont know wat the word trap means. ANYWAY for those dat do know here's 4 instrumentals off the carns hill instrumental cd. 4 straight headbangers no dj.

Tef Meth Produced By Carns Download

Gunnersworld Produced By Carns Download

Bang Bang Produced By Carns  Download

Boss Type Produced By Carns  Download

Chris Brown Performance At The Bet Awards. (Starts Crying At The End)

Max b talks from jail about appealing 75 year sentence.

Ave Ft Laylow - Ride Or Die/Ave Ft Slim Dog - Aint Nuthin

1 unreleased Freestyle and an unreleased track from upcoming rapper AVE. He brings slim dog from north west on 1 track and laylow also from woodgreen on the other. BANGERS!
Slim Dogg feat Ave - Aint Nothin Download

laylow feat Ave - Ride or Die Download

(Bonus Track) Ave Ft Laylow - Buck Somebody Download

Monday, 28 June 2010

London & Canada Are Going Off: More Riots & Confrontations With The Police! (Police Van Hauls Azz After Being Hit With Bottles & Cop Car Getting Smashed)

Giggs - Let Em Ave It

New Giggs Album HARRRD!

Download Link: Download

Pusha T - Dearly Beloved (DOWNLOAD)

New Track from pusha T 1 half of the rap duo clipse. He goes in on the situation with christopher dudus coke. If u dont know wha gwan UR LATE! plus pusha tells it how it is.

A Mafia - Digital Hustler Mixtape (DOWNLOAD)

A Mafia - Digital Hustler Mixtape (DOWNLOAD)
Download Link: Download